“Mike Sizemore and David Kennedy have created a monstrous alien universe that I relish and adore as a sci-fi fan.”

John Carpenter

MIKE SIZEMORE is an award winning writer and producer known for Slingers, hailed as “the best tv show never made”, his web series Caper and the critically acclaimed London stage adaptation of Howl’s Moving Castle. He has also written the two-volume science-fiction horror graphic novel Vortex and many other comic book titles.

Mike has written several full length features and television pilots which remain in development as well as several shorts and multimedia projects. For several years now Mike has been working closely with legendary film director John Carpenter and producer Sandy King on several film, tv and comic book projects via their Storm King Productions company.

He spends his time in London and L.A. and lives with his partner Jess and their favourite creations, Connor and Jaime.