Rust and Meat

It’s almost two in the morning which is a pretty typical time to find me writing. It’s half term and I have a three-year-old and a five-year-old so more than ever the days are not mine. But those that have known me long enough will know I’ve always been tapping away around this time. I also tend to keep American hours so that helps with the occasional meeting or back and forth emails that a project can throw up. It’s the weekend though so tonight its just me, coffee, some kind of Essential Metal mix on Apple Music and this stupid website to kick around.

After building a great looking ultra modern flashy website that fell apart the second I moved something under the hood I’m back to keeping it simple with WordPress and a plain old template that should withstand me poking at its guts with a wooden stick to see what connects to what. To say I’m rusty with this stuff is an understatemnt. I am RUST personified. But I’ve also learned to build these things gradually. So for now it’s a blog and not much else. There’s an ABOUT page and a link to my newsletter (yeah, that’s also on my list of things to relaunch. Shut up).

The honest truth is that I’ve been too busy to keep on top of this stuff and didn’t feel much pressure to get a website back up, but it’s been a constant niggle that I’ve finally started to deal with. Over the next few weeks I’ll have more pages up dedicated to published work and some posts about stuff I’m currently working on. Once I hit my stride I’ll try and make this place work as a real blog with links and pictures and everything. For now it’s pretty bare bones, but the meat is incoming. Brace.

I have a blog again


I’m so old that my first blog was handwritten in html and I remember what a big deal it was when Blogger launched and made this all so easy. I’m also old enough to know that this won’t be the most frequently updated blog you’ve ever read. I honestly have no idea how people read these things since Google Reader was taken outside and shot in the back of its wonderfully useful head. But I trust you to be smarter than I am. And here we all are. Thanks for stopping by.