Still noodling

“This website is the rope.”

What does that even mean? <SHRUG EMOJI>

It means I should be asleep at 2am. As I said I’m still finding my footing. Part of that is working out who you are. I’m writing this to amuse myself, but I’m also working up to something else. Something new. All writing is rewriting, but this space is the equivalent of a puke draft. Some of what I scribble here will eventually get picked up, picked apart and polished to end up elsewhere. I have notebooks for that, but I haven’t had a public-facing one for years and I like the idea of someone reading over my shoulder. Occasionally.

So, yeah, go ahead and forget the rope thing. It’s more like you’re the kid under the ice in the second film and <SLOWLY LOWER VOLUME AND BACK AWAY EMOJI>

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